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New F4 Pic!

This is a new pic of F4:

**edit 2 new pics**

It's been a long time since they have been together! **Look at VIC'S HAIR! It's SHORT!** I have never seen him with short hair before, i didn't even recognize him in the pic(2nd left)...and Jerry(left) is the one who needs the haircut, not vic! I like him with long hair~ no comment about Ken(3rd in pic)(*note, ken is my least fav in F4)and Vanness is probably the only one who looks good with short hair, i want them to come LA and have a concert together as a group...lost the chance a few years ago...

watching meteor garden1's such a good series and bring back good old times! i highly recommend to watch! even though vic and vanness look a lot better now!(it's funny if you compare how they look before and now!)

Meteor Garden:

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