Kelly (kmwong26) wrote,

Rush Hour 3 Premiere

My sister and I got tickets from campus circle for a free screening of Rush Hour3 at the Chinese Mann Theather in Hollywood for Friday at we left home earlier and got there at around 5:45, since fridays have the worst traffic and we were in line for like an hr or 2 and then the lady tells us that there are no more seats for this screening and that she has tickets to the premiere of rush hour3 for monday so we ended up getting 4 papers that admit two we invited my cousin and uncle to go with our family...

So the premiere was yesterday 7/30/07 at 7:30pm and this time we left home even earlier since we didn't want to be cut and have no seats...we left home at around4 and got there like at around 5 and there was a huge line waiting across the street that had tickets to the movie and we waited for hrs for the cast to come...then we saw this really tall asian guy and didn't know who it was...then figured it out later(Sun Ming Ming)...then later we saw jackie chan come out of his car and he later came running across the street and giving everyone against the rail a high five! when he came over to us...i was screaming his name in chinese and he gave me 2 "HIGH FIVES" and ran around the whole block practically...people started chasing him across the was fun! then an hr later(or at least it seemed like it) chris tucker came out of a cadillac suv and he walked over slowly and shook some hands and gave a few autographs...he was like 2 ft from us and holding his sharpie marker and said "sorry guys...but i got to go back over there," man, he was so slow, he should have been like jackie chan and ran was more exciting...well, at least i saw him...then we got the actual tickets to get in the theater and on the ticket it listed the row and seat #. I was in row R seat 9. i would say it was a good seat though! The theater offered free popcorn and drinks for everyone...the popcorn bag even had a picture of jackie chan and chris tucker sitting at the front of the theater holding three fingers all together=rush hr 3.

The movie was REALLY REALLY GOOD! I didn't stop cracking up throughout the whole movie. The movie was about an 1.5hrs and at the bloopers they didn't say they will make a rush hour 4 this time...not like the end of 2...hopefully they will! I liked it better than the 2nd one! At the end of the premiere, we saw Chris Tucker leave, he waved at everyone and then saw Hiroyuki Sanada(plays one of the villian in rush hour3:Kenji) and Zhang Jing Chu (the girl who plays Soo Yung) leave in a limo together. Also, my mom and sister saw Paris Hilton in her car leaving the premiere. if your wondering if i took any pictures...the answer is nope, we weren't allowed to bring cameras or cell phones w/camera into the theater...but i found some pics online:

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